Noise and Vibration Monitoring Study

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We are pleased to confirm that the final report resulting from the study conducted by Southdowns Environmental Consultants Ltd. has now been published by the MOD. You can view the relevant documents here:

1897m-SEC-00178-04_SHB Executive Summary.pdf1897m-SEC-00178-04_SHB Executive Summary.pdf

1897m-SEC-00178-04_SHB VOL 1.pdf1897m-SEC-00178-04_SHB VOL 1.pdf

1897m-SEC-00178-04_SHB VOL 2.pdf1897m-SEC-00178-04_SHB VOL 2.pdf

1897m-SEC-000151-04_Effects from Range Activities.pdf1897m-SEC-000151-04_Effects from Range Activities.pdf

1897m-SEC-00186-02_Review of Previous SHB NV Study.pdf1897m-SEC-00186-02_Review of Previous SHB NV Study.pdf

Vol 3 - Technical Appendices Results is available on request. Please email QQSHBEnquiries@qinetiq.com

For further information about the study report, please email QQSHBEnquiries@qinetiq.com


Southdowns Environmental Consultants Ltd has been appointed to undertake a Noise and Vibration Monitoring Study in some of the communities around the Thames Estuary.

QinetiQ Ltd, which operates the Range at Shoeburyness on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has, at the request of the MOD, commissioned this independent Study to determine the possible effects of noise and vibration which may result from the test, evaluation and training support activities which are carried out on the Range.

Southdowns is an independent firm of noise and vibration consultants, established in January 1996. As a corporate member of the Association of Noise Consultants, their subject matter experts are affiliated with professional Institutes including the Institute of Acoustics and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

The Study will monitor noise and vibration at multiple locations of interest in the vicinity of the Range. Following a desk top study and site suitability surveys, several locations on the Essex and Kent coastlines have had monitoring systems installed.

The study is now underway and monitoring will be conducted over a six month period. The resulting report is expected to be published as soon as possible after the study is complete. For more information about this study, visit our FAQ page.

More information about Southdowns Environmental Consultants can be found on the company website at www.southdowns.eu.com.